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Posted on: December 6, 2008 3:08 am

High School Propect Reviews: RB

Well now up for the high school prospect reviews is the RB's. There are some very talented RB's that are gonna be playing college football next season. There are still a few of the best RB's this looking for a school. There's a lot to be decied in the next few months on our way to signing day. Here's who I think are some of the best high school RB's.

Bryce Brown: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Bryce Brown is in my mind the best high school RB in the nation this season. As of right now has a soft verbal agreement to play for th Hurricanes next fall, but as it's only a soft verbal agreement a lot can change. He still is considering Missouri, Oregon, Purdue, Clemson, and Kanas State which would be the school closest to home as he lives in Wichita. He's an average size back, he stands at 6'0, 215 pounds. He will be a big help to the Hurricanes offense next season if he does stay with his soft verbal agreement and goes to Miami. Randy Shannons gotta be excited about this kid, he's a back that looks to have a big college career ahead of him. Stayed tuned to see where Brown ends up going.

Trent Richardson: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Trent Richardson looks to be another great RB. He's right up there with Bryce Brown as one of the best backs in the nation this past season. He as of right now has a soft verbal agreement to Alabama, but like Brown it's only a soft verbal agreement, so a lot can change. Trent has decent speed as he runs a 4.5, forty. Not blazing speed, but not slow. He stands 5'11, 210 pounds. He's from Pensacola Florida and is considering both Florida and Florida State, but not agreements with either school. He has a bright futre for the Crimson Tide or whatever school he decides to go to. My guess is he stays in the southern area around home.

Christine Micheal: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Christine Micheal rounds out my top high school RB's this year. He's been very productive in high school with over 1,000 yards and 20 TD's in his last 3 years of high school. His Junior season which was probably the most impressive season he rushed for 1,172 yards and 20 TD's. He hasn't decided on a school yet, but has showed the most intrest in LSU and Texas A&M. I could see him picking either of those schools or some of his other options. Which are Arkansas, Florida, Miami, Nebraska,  Oklahoma, and Texas. Micheal probably wont pick a school until signing day or make a commitment.  Micheals who is from Beaumonet Texas is 5'11, 202 has impressed me on what I've seen of him on highlights, looks like he has a bight future at the college level.

Here's some more RB's that have impressed me.

Cierre Wood: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Edwin Baker: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

David Wilson: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Jaamal Berry: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

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Posted on: December 5, 2008 12:52 am

High School Propect Reviews: QB

There are some good high school QB's coming out this season. One of the fun things about looking over high schools QB's is if there a Pro Style QB or an Spread Style QB. I'll show you a few of the best from each style.

Matt Barkly: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Matt Barkly is looked at as one of the top propects in all of high school football this year and in my mind is the best high school QB, pro or spread. He is a pro style QB and has a strong verbal agreement to USC. He stands at 6'3, 226 pounds and runs a 4.7, 40 time. He probably wont make a huge impact at USC his freshmen season, but you never know. He's the type of player that has a chance to play pro someday, has a lot of upside.

Garret Gilbert: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Garrett Gilbert looks like he's gonna be a strong QB for Texas in the near future. He stands at 6'4, 205 pounds and threw for 4,826 yards and 52 TD's his Junior season. He was recruited to Texas by Greg Davis who is the OC and QB at Texas. Garrett also have a lot of upside with his pro style game.

Russell Shepard: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Russell Shepard is a very athlectic duel threat QB. He is in my mind the best duel threat QB in all high school football this year. He is 6'1, 179 pounds and runs a 4.4, a very fast QB and looks like he will be playing for Les Miles as he has a strong verbal agreement with LSU. He rushed for 1,946 yards and 28 TD's his Senior year and threw for 1,843 and 20 TD's. He looks like he will be be a great college football player for LSU, as he is very quick and athlectic. I'm not sure of his long term ability as he is more of spread QB.

Tate Forcier: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Tate Forcier, who I think will be a great player for Michigan. I'm a Michigan fan and I'm very excited to see him coming to play in Ann Arbor. He is going to graduate in December, so he will have a lot of time to come over to Ann Arbor and learn the new offense. He was recruited by Rod Smith, Michigan QB coach and looks on highlights to be an excellent QB. He's the QB that Michigan has been needing badly and will help the Michigan offense his freshmen year. I think that he will start for Michigan and be a productive player. There doesn't seem to be any reason he doesn't start, he looks to be the most talented.

There are a lot of great QB's that are gonna be playing college ball next year. Here are some links.

Aaron Murray: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Richard Brehaut: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

AJ McCarron: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Tyrik Rollison: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Tajh Boyd: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Kevin Newsome: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Shavodrick Beaver: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.co

Here is a good mix of pro style QB's and spread style QB's. They all should have some impact during there college career and have a lot of upside. Some of these QB's have a strong verbal agreement and others only have a soft verbal agreement or are still looking at schools. Will have to stayed tuned to see where some of these QB's go. Will Probably have to wait til signing day for some of them.

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