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Posted on: December 10, 2008 12:57 am

College Football Playoffs

Well guys, I've been thinking this over. How can we get a playoff system into college football? It's a question that most people don't know how to answer and the BCS doesn't seem to want. I'd love to see a playoff system put in. It's the only way to name the "true" college football champion. The BCS is a mess year in and year out. There's always the "what if" and the "I beat them and they beat them" we need to end the madness. We need a big college football playoff. Something like college basketball. Smaller of course, but a bracket that is fair. Here's what I've thought of.

North Region
1. Penn State (Big Ten Winner)
2. Virgina Tech (Atlantic Coast Conference Winner)
3. Cincinnati (Big East Winner)
4. Tulsa (Conference USA Winner)

South Region
1. Florida (SEC Winner)
2. Utah (Mountain West Winner)
3. Boise State (Western Athlectic Conference Winner)
4. Buffalo (Mid American Conference Winner)

East Region
1. Oklahoma (Big 12 Conference Winner)
2. Alabama (At Large Bid)
3. Ohio State (At Large Bid)
4. Troy (Sun Belt Conference Winner)

West Region
1. Southern California (Pac 10 Conference Winner)
2. Texas (At Large Bid)
3. Texas Tech (At Large Bid)
4. Georgia (At Large Bid)

This bracket concludes the Winner of all the FBS conferences and some at large bids mixed in. The rules would be. The #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed in your bracket. The winners move on and face eachother in the Regionl finals. Then the North region winner plays the South Region winner and the East Region Winner plays the West Region winner. Then the final 2 play in the National Championship. It's very simple. It's a 16 team bracket, all the conference winners are in (11), then there (5) at large bids, which would be teams like Texas or Alabama who did win there conference championship but still deserve a chance at winning the national championship. I think something like this should be used for the college football playoffs
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