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Celtics Week 10 Preview

Well, last week was some what of a down week for the Celtics going 2-2. The Celtics will look to rebound this week and improve there NBA best 28-4 record. They Celtics play three games this week vs Portland, Washington and New York. The Celtics should be able to win all three if they stayed focused and don't have jet lag flying back to the East Coast. Let's break down the Week.

December 30th at 10:00 PM ET
Celtics vs Trail Blazers

The Celtics will take on the Portland Trail Blazers up in Portland later tonight. I think this will end up being the toughest test for the Celtics and the most entertaining game of the week. I have a good feeling the Celtics will have no trouble taking care of the Knicks or Wizards but the Trail Blazers are 19-12 and been having a great season. The Celtics will need to be able to slow down Brandon Roy who is the Blazers leading scorer at 23 points a game. The Celtics should be ready as it wasn't a long bus ride or plane flight away from Sacramento and they had an off day on Monday. I think the Celtics take care of the Blazers and win 104-96.

Friday January 2nd at 7:30 PM ET
Celtics vs Wizards

This is the second game of the week for the Celtics and probably the least entertaining and an easy win for the Celtics. I don't see the 6-23 Wizards to be much of a challenge for the Celtics, in Boston. I picked the Wizards to play a tight game with the Celtics they last time they played in D.C. and they got killed 122-88 and I see this game about the same. The Wizards in my mind are a surprise to be this bad. I never saw them at 6-23, ever with Arenas down. I think the Celtics win 124-91.

Sunday January 4th at 6:00 PM ET
Celtics vs Knicks

The Celtics end the week with a pretty good game with the Knicks in MSG. I also enjoy to watch the Celtics play in New York and this should be another fun game. The Celtics should also pick up another win and end the week at 3-0. The Knicks are having a pretty bad season at 11-18 and last in the Atlantic Division. Mike D'Antoni doesn't seem to have his team on the right track right now as they have lost 6 games in a row. I see the Celtics winning 114-96.
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Rondo An All Star?

I've seen some great debate over this topic over the boards and figured I'd explain my view on it. Rajon Rondo has been having a nice season, but as a Celtic fan I think it's time to look at him as an All Star Point Guard. His numbers haven't been amazing but he makes the Celtics offense run and that is what a Point Guard does, right? Rondo get's other players involved and runs the Celtics offense. Rondo has done a great job of not being a shoot first Point Guard. He understands his role and doesn't try to do too much and I think that's what makes him a great Point Guard for the Celtics. In my mind if Rondo wanted too, he could scored 15-20 a night to go along with 6-7 assists and I wouldn't be writing this right now because most everyone would agree he's an all start if he's putting up better offensive numbers. I know Rondo has the offensive ability to score the ball, watching him night in and night out but he doesn't look for his own offense as much as people probably think. Rondo is 4th on the Celtics in scoring averaging 11.6 points per game. Now when you see that your not thinking all star point guard are you? Then you see he leads the Celtics in assists per game with 7.4, now are you starting to think more of an all star point guard? Probably not, 12 points and 7 assists a game isn't exactly MVP material but he's a true point guard. Rondo has the speed and ability to drive by most if not every point guard in the league, he's very quick and athletic and you do see him make moves at the basket, but not as much as he could or maybe should. As Garnett said, Rondo puts some english on the ball to put it in, he's very creative in the ways he scores the basketball. You can't really compare his game to anyones in the NBA or if you know someone that plays a lot like Rondo, please let me know because I can't think of anyone with Rondo's type of game or way of scoring. A lot of people probably don't think Rondo is an all star because he can't shoot the ball. Honestly your right. Rondo doesn't have much of a mid range game and can not shoot the 3 ball. He's only made 4, 3 pointers all season. To think what the average amount for an NBA point guard is, that's very low. Gabe Pruitt has made more 3's, non Celtic fans must being saying Gabe who? That shows the amount of 3's Rondo has made this year. He of course has only shot 14 of them, so he's not encouraged to step back and shoot the ball. All of these questions lead to my point. Is Rondo an all start? The offensive numbers say no, I can't lie. 12 points and 7 assists per game isn't going to get you into too much all start games, but I think this year Rondo has a small chance of making the team. I think many of the coaches and players of the NBA are seeing what Rondo can do on the floor, which should help him, if he makes the team. The Fans vote of course, doesn't help Rondo at all. Another number that could help Rondo out, again with the coaches and players is the turnovers per game. He only turns the ball over 2.2 times a game. That's pretty decent according to how many times he has the ball in his hands every game. That number is less then Paul Pierce who has 82 and Leon Powe who has 71. Devin Harris who most think will start at point guard for the East has 63 turnovers, which is 2 less then Rondos 65, so Rondo does handle the ball well. The bottom line is Rondo deserves to be on the all start team. Yes, his numbers aren't amazing, we all know that but when your the point guard for a team that's 27-2, the best start in the history of the NBA and on a 19 game winning streak you can't argue that your playing pretty good. Devin Harris who again seems to be the favorite to start at point guard for the East does score more points then Rondo, but Rondo is beating him in rebounds and assists. Rondo averages 5.0 rebounds a game and 7.4 assists a game. Harris averages 3.3 rebounds a game and 6.8 assists. These stats are pretty important in my book, as Rondo does it all. He's close to double figures in rebounds on many different nights and is all over the court. I also think Rondo plays much better defense then Harris. Rondo has 69 steals on the season, which is 2.4 a game.  Devin Harris only has 37 steals, which is 1.5 a game. You can make your case for having Rondo in or out of the all star game, but I think he deserves to be in.

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Celtics vs Lakers Christmas Day Preview

What a game we have on Christmas Day! Does it get any better then Celtics vs Lakers on Christmas Day? I don't think so. The NBA couldn't have set it up more perfect and I can't wait! It's gonna be one of the best, if not the best game of the regular season. The game will be played in LA, so that does help the Lakers in a way, but the Celtics have won 19 games in a row, so it even out. Let's break down the match up.

Boston Celtics

C: Kendrick Perkins
PF: Kevin Garnett
SF: Paul Pierce
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Rajon Rondo

Los Angeles Lakers

C: Andrew Bynum
PF: Pau Gasol
SF: Luke Walton
SG: Kobe Bryant
PG: Derek Fisher

I think most NBA Fans are pretty excited for this game. I'm a die hard Celtic fan, so I might be a little bias when I say this may be the best game in the regular season this season, but I can't think of a game that can top it. For starters it's the oldest and biggest rivalry in the NBA and not only that there playing on Christmas day. I think that has the making of a fine ball game. Then you factor in the Celtics are 27-2, the best start in the history of the NBA and have won 19 games in a row vs the Lakers who are having a great season of themselves at 23-5. On top of all of that, the games being played in Los Angeles, a great place and maybe the best place to see a basketball game. If that didn't get you excited your not a fan of either these teams or the NBA for that matter. I honestly can't wait to see these two teams battle it out. The Lakers wanna end this winning streak badly and the Celtics wanna extend it out to 20 games and continue there quest to breaking the all time mark of 33 games. The Lakers will be a very tough match up for the red hot Celtics, playing in LA I think favors the Lakers big time. If this games was being playing in front of the Boston crowd on Christmas day, I'd pick the Celtics in a second, but it's in front on the Laker fans, so I'm not sure. It is a home coming for Paul Pierce and he usually played well in the Staples Center. The Lakers right now are coming off a nice win vs the Hornets on Tuesday night when they won 100-87. The Celtics are coming off a big win on Tuesday night, when they beat the 76ers 110-91. Both teams have off days on Wednesday before the big match up on Christmas Day. So basically both teams come into this match up hot, winning there last game by double digits. Both teams should also be pretty well rested as they have the off day Wednesday after there wins Tuesday night. Anyways, you should tune in on Christmas Day at 5:00 PM ET and 2:00 PM local time after you done opening presents and seeing family for a great game!

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Celtics vs Knicks Review

The Celtics played another impressive game tonight. They beat the Knicks 124-105 in Boston. It's now 18 in a row for the red hot Celtics as they picked up there NBA leading 26th win tonight. The Celtics are just playing amazing basketball, just beating up everyone in there path. The Knicks didn't stand much of a chance tonight as I figured. I didn't see the Knicks to have much of a chance tonight. Anwyays, let's break down tonight's game.

The Celtic's looked very impressive tonight in there 124-105  win over the New York Knicks. The Celtics opened this game up earlier, when they lead 40-21 after the first Qtr, the Knicks defense just wasn't there from the start. They played much better in the 2nd Qtr only allowing 26 points, but when you give up 40 in the 1st Qtr, the chances are you go into the locker room down. Which they did. The Celtics went into the locker room down 66-58. The Celtics controled the 3rd and 4 Qtr's and had no trouble holding off the Knicks as they went on to win 124-105. Rondo played another impressive game. He has a career high 26 points, 6 points, and 5 assists. 7 Celtics scored in double figured including the 4 other starters, Tony Allen and Leon Powe. Eddie House also chipped in with 9 points.

The Knicks defense looked bad in this one. Plain and simple. They gave up 124 points, that pretty much shows how bad there defense played. The Celtics shot 65% from the field, you'll never win if a team shoots 65% from the field. The Knicks only shot 43% from the floor and just didn't look very fluent on offense or defense for that matter. They shot 20-26 from the FT line and only turned the ball over 12 times to the Celtics 23, but the game was still a 19 point blow out. Quentin Richardson had a nice evening for the Knicks dropping 29 points on the Celtics. Nate Robinson came off the bench to score 23 points and Chris Duhon dropped 20.
Quention Richardson had a great night in Boston.  He scored 29 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Nate Robinson also played pretty good with 23 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.The Knicks didn't play that bad on the offensiveside of the ball. They did put 105 points on theboard and shot an ok 43% from the field. They also shot 76% from the free throw line, which is also pretty average but not too bad. They took care of the basketball also, only 12  turnovers. They also shot well from beyond the arcat 39%. The offensive numbers were there tonight. The Celtics had a good offensive and a pretty average defensive night compared to some of the games the Celtics have played on defense this season. On offense they out up 124 points, so you can't really complain and on defense they only allowed to shot 43% from the field, so not a bad effort. The Knicks shot 39% from the beyond the 3 point line and that helped there 105 point total for the night. They hit 13 of 33, 3 pointers, which is a good night of long range shooting. The Celtics shot 65% from the floor and 50% from behind the line, so a very good shooting night for the Celtics. They didn turn the ball over 23 times, which is a little odd for the Celtics, but it's not a big concern of mine.

Player of the Game
Rajon Rondo had a nice good tonight and I think he deserving of the player of the game honors. He had a career high 26 points, breaking his career high of 22 set on Monday of this week. He also had 6 rebounds and 5 assists and was a big part of the Celtics 124-105 beating of the New York Knicks.

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Celtics vs Bulls Preview

The Celtics extended there winning streak to 16 games with the win over the Hawks last night. Tomorrow night the Celtics will play the Bulls in the T.D. Banknorth Garden in Boston. The Bulls have been having an average season, as they sit at 12-13 going into Friday Nights game vs the Celtics. There coming off a 115-109 win over the Clippers. The Celtics will look to extend there winning streak to 17 games and try to pick up there 25th win of the season Friday Night. This Bulls team has been well coached in my mind, by first year head coach Vinny Del Negro. I wouldn't have thought they would be 12-13 at this point, so I'd say there having a pretty good start to there season. Will have to wait and see how they fair in this game. Here are my projected starting line ups.


C: Aaron Gray
PF: Drew Gooden
SF: Luol Deng
SG: Ben Gordon
PG: Derrick Rose


C: Kendrick Perkins
PF: Kevin Garnett
SF: Paul Pierce
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Rajon Rondo

Key Match Up

PG: Rajon Rondo
PG Derrick Rose

I'm looking forward to seeing Rose and Rondo battle back in forth in this game. I think Rondo will be able to handle Rose and not allow him to do a lot on the offensive side of the ball. I'm not sure if Rose will be able to shut Rondo's penatration to the rim all game, but will have to wait and see. Rondo has been playing well as of late and I think he will have a good night against Rose and anyone else that might be covering him.


At the start of the week, when I saw this game for Friday Night I figured this would be the the game of the week. I'm very excited to see how Rondo and Rose play eachother on both side of the floor and thats a big reason I think this game will be very entertaining. I think the Celtics should have no trouble winning this one. There playing at home and the Bulls don't look like they will be able to stop the Celtics from putting up a lot of points. The Bulls will need to score a lot of points in this one to have a chance at winning, but the Celtics have such a good defense I don't see that happening. I'm going with the Celtics in this one, 102-91.

Go Celtics!!
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Celtics vs Hawks Review

I'm going to start off by saying what a game! Both teams played hard until the final buzzer. Both defenses showed up in this one, both teams shooting under 40% from the field. It was a very entertaining game to watch. The game came down to a huge block in the final 20 seconds by Perkins when they lead 85-84 to hold the lead and preserve the win by hitting free throws. Neither team had a good night offensively, the 88-85 win by the Celtics made the score lot higher then it was. After the 3 Qtr the score was 62-59. Defense won this game for the Celtics and kept the Hawks in the game all night as they had a bad night from the field. Here are some of the stats.


Here are some of the stats from tonight's game.

Scoring Leaders: Pierce and Garnett both with 18
Rebounding Leader: Perkins with 10
Assists Leader: Rondo with 7
Steals Leader: Rondo with 4
Blocks Leader: Perkins with 4


Scoring Leader: Joe Johnson with 20
Rebounding Leader: Al Horford with 11
Assists Leader: Smith, Horford, and Johnson with 4
Steals Leaders: Johnson with 3
Blocks Leader: Williams and Horford with 2

Game Breakdown

Both team played there hearts out. The Celtics shot 44% from the field and the Hawks shot 37% from the field, both defenses showed up and played well. The offenses weren't fluent and the shooting percentages make that pretty clear. It was good to see Paul Pierce play well and get a lot of minutes. His knee looked fine. Piece dropped in 18 points to go along with 7 boards in 40 minutes on the floor. Joe Johnson lead the Hawks with 20 points, scoring 16 of them in the second half. All 5 of the Hawks starters played more then 38 minutes in this one, only going 3 deep on the bench. Kevin Garnett played well for the Celtics, scoring 18 points and snatching 8 rebounds in his 37 minutes of action on the court. All in all, the Celtics got it done tonight in there 88-85 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Go Celtics!
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Celtics Season Prediction

As a die hard Celtic fan, winning the NBA finals last year, was amazing to see but I wanna see the same this year. I think if you talk to any Celtic fans, there gonna say we can win it again. It'll be interesting to see what the Celtics can do this year. As of right now there 23-2, that's an amazing start and could that possibly lead to the best regular season in NBA history? Now I know the 96 Bulls won 72 games, but can the Celtics win 72+ games this year? I honestly think that is possible and the Celtics have a legit chance. Now you think about it, about 1/4 of the season is over and only 2 losses, at this point last you they had 3. Rajon Rondo is playing better and is developing into a great NBA point guard and I think that is key if the Celtics have any chance of winning 72+ games. Last year, Rondo was afraid to score the ball. He had a great supporting cast, so it's not like he was encouraged to to much scoring. All he really had to do was dish the ball to players like Pierce, Allen, and Garnett, but because he wasn't scoring the ball, defenses weren't playing up on him. This year he's doing a lot of driving to the hoop and playing more aggresive. He's forcing the defense to cover him as he's become a legit threat to score. The more and more Rondo's developes into a scroing threat, the better the Celtics are going to be. He's in my mind the x factor for the Celtics season. If Rondo can score the ball, I think the Celtics can win 72+ games. If Rondo trys to do more then he can handle and only hurts the team, there chances at winning 72+ aren't very high.

Now let's get real. Only one team in the history of the game has won 72 games and that was the Bulls in 96 as I said. Can the Celtics do it? It's a question I've been thinking about and I want some honest feedback on. I think the Celtics will challenge the Bulls 72-10 mark and maybe just maybe lose a single diget amount of games, meaning they would win 73+ games. I think the Celtics can do it? Any thoughts on this?
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Celtics vs Hawks Preview

The Celtics are on a roll, now winners of 15 straight contests. The Celtics have a test tomorrow night in Atlanta when they will be taking on the Hawks. The Hawks almost beat the Celtics earlier this year in Boston, it took a miracle shot with 0.5 left to go by Paul Pierce to beat them. This game should be just as entertaining.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics are 23-2 on the season and are on tops of the NBA. They will look to extend there streak to 16 games in this one. Here's my projected starting line up.

C: Kendrick Perkins
PF: Kevin Garnett
SF: Paul Pierce
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Rajon Rondo

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are 15-9 and look like there in for a solid season and another playoff berth. It's still early, but they have impressed me. There coming off a 83-79 win vs Charlotte. Here's my projected starting line up.

C: Al Horford
PF: Zaza Pachulia
SF: Josh Smith
SG: Joe Johnson
PG: Mike Bibby


This is gonna be a true test for the Celtics. The Hawks seem to always play them tight and are playing on there home floor, a place the Celtics went 0-3 in the playoffs last year. Expect the fans to into this game and to have a packed house. Paul Pierce could miss this game after have Okur rolling over his knee with 31 seconds left in the Celtics win over the Jazz Monday night. I'm pretty sure he will play, but if he doesn't, the Celtics might be in trouble. I think the Celtics win, 95-88.
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