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Patriots vs Cardinals Review

I'm going to start off by saying, what a game! The Pats played great. There's no question in my mind they deserve to be in the playoffs, we just need help from the Jets, Dolphins, and Ravens to get in. There playing the best out of those 3 teams and deserve a playoff berth, but some early season losses have hurt us. Let's break down the big win.

The Pats had a great game today, dominating the Cardinals on all three phases of the game. They couldn't do anything today vs our Pats, who improved there record to 10-5, but still 3rd in the AFC East. The Jets are currently losing 7-3 to the Seahawks, so let's hope they can hold on and beat them. Anyways, the Pats gained 514 total yards today, to the Cardinals 186, about half of them coming on a 78 yard TD pass to Larry Fitzgerald in the 4th Qtr. Matt Cassel lead the Pats with 345 yards threw the air and 3 TD's. Sammy Morris lead the Pats in rushing with 88 yards on the ground. Lamont Jordon also chipped in scoring twice on the ground. Randy Moss, had a somewhat quite day expect for a 76 yard TD pass on a screen play. The Pats played good football today. Let's hope they can contiune this into next week.

Go Pats!!
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Patriots vs Cardinals Preview

Well guys, I posted a preview earlier this week but because tomorrow is game day I figured I post a better and more updated preview. The Patriots are 9-5 and will most likely need a win here to stay in the playoff berth. We need the Ravens to lose tonight, so the Pats will have control of there own Destiny in the last two games of the season. If the Ravens lose and the Patriots win there last two games, the Pats will get a wild card and the #6 seed. If the Jets and Dolphins lose tomorrow and the Pats win the last two games, they will win the AFC East and be the #4 seed in the playoffs and host a playoff game in the Wild card round. If there the # 6 seed they will have to go on the road in the wild card round. Anyways, the Pats have the Cardinals tomorrow at home, so I think the Pats have the advantage. The Cardinals have already locked up the NFC West, so there not playing for much but seeding. The Pats on the other hand are fighting for the playoff lives, so that favors them. I can't wait for this game. Let's break it down.

3rd in the AFC East

The Patriots will look for there 10th win of the season tomorrow vs the Cardinals. They need this win badly, to keep the playoff hope alive and I believe they will win. I'm hoping Cassel has a strong afternoon and the running game get's going. If Cassel plays like he did last week, the Pats should have no trouble winning, if he struggles you never know. Hopefully Sammy Morris has a good day running the ball and takes some of the pressure off of Matt Cassel and the Patriots passing game. Let's hope Matt Light plays in this one, he is listed as Questionable with an shoulder injury. He's a big part of our offense and we could use him tomorrow.

1st in the NFC West

The Cardinals have been one of the surprises of the NFL this year. They have already punched there ticket for the playoffs for the first time sinice 1998. They will give the Patriots a good challenge and could possibly take this game from the Pats. I don't see them winning, but they could. They have been lead this year, but MVP Canidate Kurt Warner. He's had an amazing season with 4290 yards and 26 TD's. He may lead the Cardinals into New England and take a game from the Patriots. If the Cardinals win this game it will be because Kurt Warner lead his team up and down the field and the defense played well.

Key Match Up
The QB's

  Matt Cassel will need to play big if the Patriots want to win this. He's has some big performances this year when he had back to back 400 yard games. Now I'm not saying he will need to throw for 400 yards for the Patriots to win, but somwhere between 250-300 yards and 2 scores may be.
  Kurt Warner has had a great season as I said earlier. He too will need to have a great game to give the Cardinals any chance of winning. The Cardinals leading rusher right now is Edgerrin James and he only has 395 yards and 3 TD's. The Passing game has been Cardinals offense this year and Warner will need a big game to win. I'd say in the range of 350 yards and 3 TD's.


Well as a Patriots fan, I'd say they have a great chance of winning, but as I looked down the rest of the Pats schedule this game looked to be the toughest and probably will be. I don't think the Pats will have any trouble taking care of the Bills next week, so if the Pats win tomorrow in this game, there playoff chances are looking pretty good. They will need help to get in, but I think the Cowboys will beat the Ravens tonight giving the Pats the #6 seed if the can win there last 2 games. All in all, I see this a tough fought game and a Pats win 31-17.
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Louisville vs Minnesota Review

Well as a Louisville fan I'm not sure what happened in this one. I figured Louisville would be able to win out until Big East play started but now with there second loss it's making me wonder if this team is over rated. I'm gonna say there not. Minnesota was 9-0 coming into this one and playing at home, so Louisville losing by 6 really that bad of a loss? I don't think so. I think we expected this to be an win, maybe even Louisville did because they were out played. Minnesota is now 10-0 on the season and with this win over #9 Louisville I'd be surprised if they weren't ranked in the top 25 in next weeks poll. Louisville will probably fall to about 15-20 with there 7-2 record, but this loss probably wont come back to hunt them come to NCCA Tournament time. Let's break down the game.

Louisville Cardinals

Louisville was out played today, plain and simple. They only shot 38% from the floor, which could get them a win, but when you give up 70 points, you often wont win anyways. Louisville went into the locker room at halftime down 38-33 but weren't able to catch the Golden Gophers in the second half as they extended the lead to double digits in the second half. I think Louisville having to play Ole Miss in Cincinnati and then having to play Minnesota in Minneapolis less then 48 hours later had something to do with the outcome of the game. Coach Rick Pitino called it "the trip from hell", so I'm sure that had an impact on this game.

Player of the Game

Earl Clark
16 Points
11 Rebounds
2 Assists
4-12 FG
8-12 FT

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota played very well today, beating #9 Louisville at home. As a Louisville, I'm not very happy with the outcome of the game, but the Golden Gophers played very well and in my mind have earned a top 25 spot in next weeks poll. They outscored Louisville in both half's and outplayed Louisville on both ends of the floor. Minnesota shot a little better from the floor at 40% and also shot better at the line at 73%. I think Minnesota is in for a good season and a possible NCCA Tournament bid. It'll come down to how well they play in Big 10 play but as of right now they are leading the Big 10 record wise at 10-0. Ohio State at 8-0 is the only other undefeated team.

Player of the Game

AL Nolen
18 Points
5 Rebounds
5 Assists
2-6 FG
13-17 FT

Score and Stats

Minnesota 70
Louisville 64

Leading Scorers
Minnesota: AL Nolen 18
Louisville: Terrence Williams 17

Leading Rebounders
Minnesota: Damiam Johnson and Travis Busch 6
Louisville:  Earl Clark 11

Leading Assists
Minnesota: AL Nolen 5
Louisville: Terrence Williams 5
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