Posted on: December 18, 2008 10:47 pm

Celtics vs Bulls Preview

The Celtics extended there winning streak to 16 games with the win over the Hawks last night. Tomorrow night the Celtics will play the Bulls in the T.D. Banknorth Garden in Boston. The Bulls have been having an average season, as they sit at 12-13 going into Friday Nights game vs the Celtics. There coming off a 115-109 win over the Clippers. The Celtics will look to extend there winning streak to 17 games and try to pick up there 25th win of the season Friday Night. This Bulls team has been well coached in my mind, by first year head coach Vinny Del Negro. I wouldn't have thought they would be 12-13 at this point, so I'd say there having a pretty good start to there season. Will have to wait and see how they fair in this game. Here are my projected starting line ups.


C: Aaron Gray
PF: Drew Gooden
SF: Luol Deng
SG: Ben Gordon
PG: Derrick Rose


C: Kendrick Perkins
PF: Kevin Garnett
SF: Paul Pierce
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Rajon Rondo

Key Match Up

PG: Rajon Rondo
PG Derrick Rose

I'm looking forward to seeing Rose and Rondo battle back in forth in this game. I think Rondo will be able to handle Rose and not allow him to do a lot on the offensive side of the ball. I'm not sure if Rose will be able to shut Rondo's penatration to the rim all game, but will have to wait and see. Rondo has been playing well as of late and I think he will have a good night against Rose and anyone else that might be covering him.


At the start of the week, when I saw this game for Friday Night I figured this would be the the game of the week. I'm very excited to see how Rondo and Rose play eachother on both side of the floor and thats a big reason I think this game will be very entertaining. I think the Celtics should have no trouble winning this one. There playing at home and the Bulls don't look like they will be able to stop the Celtics from putting up a lot of points. The Bulls will need to score a lot of points in this one to have a chance at winning, but the Celtics have such a good defense I don't see that happening. I'm going with the Celtics in this one, 102-91.

Go Celtics!!
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