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Posted on: December 17, 2008 7:26 pm
Edited on: December 20, 2008 9:05 pm

Red Sox 09 Season Preview

Well guys, maybe this is a little earlier but in my mind it's never too early to talk about my beloved Sox! The Red Sox haven't made many offseason moves, yet, of course. Were still in the running to land superstar 1st Basemen Mark Teixeira. He would be a big improvement to the Sox line up in the heart of the order. It should be interesting if he picks the Sox to play for. It would be difficult to shuffle there line up if they do aquire him, with the current line up they have. They would most likely have to trade a player away to make room for him. I've heard some reports that they will be trading away Mike Lowell away, most likely moving Youkilis back to 3rd and having Teixeira play.

Offseason Moves

The Sox haven't made a ton of offseason moves, but have made a few.

  • The Sox lost Minor Leaguers LF Joe Thurstons and C David Ross
  • Signed 4 players to Minor League Deals

All in all, a pretty quiet offseason so far for the Red Sox. Signing Mark Teixeira would make the Sox offseason in my mind. What this guy brings to the table will make our team last much better. He's looking to sign long term, so if he does sign the Sox would have him for awhile unless something happened. I heard reports the Sox offered 200 million, if that's true he would probably sign, because I think the Angels went as high at 160 million and I'm pretty sure that was the best offer.


SS Julio Lugo, Quadriceps, Expected to be ready for Spring Training
DH David Ortiz,  Wrist, Expected to be ready for Spring Training
3B, Mike Lowell, Hip, Hoping to be ready for Spring Training

Projected 09 Starting Line up.

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
2. 2B Dustin Pedroia
3. DH David Ortiz
4. LF Jason Bay
5.1B Kevin Youkilis
6. RF J.D. Drew
7. 3B Mike Lowell
8. SS Jed Lowrie
9. C Jason Variteck

We should have no trouble hitting the ball and scoring a lot of runs next season. There are some questions in the starting line up. As I'm not sure if Variteck will be playing for the Sox next year and if the Sox are going to sign Mark Teixeira, which would change up the line up because a trade would probably be made. The line up is currently strong though and only would get stronger with Mark Teixeira.

Projected 09 Starting Rotation

1. Josh Beckett
2. Daisuke Matsuzaka
3. Jon Lester
4. Tim Wakefield
5. Justin Masterson

I think the top 3 spots will be very solid with Beckett, Matsuzaka, and Lester. Now the bottom 2 with Wakefield and Masterson could be changed around through the season. I'm thinking Wakefield will have a decent season, but with his age, you never know. The 5th spot could change from Masterson to anyone like Buchholz, Pauley, and some more minor league options. The Sox new pitcher Junichi Tazawa, a rookie from Japan has a chance to be in the starting rotation. You may also see home of them in the Bull Pen.

Projected 09 Bull Pen

Closer: Jonathan Papelbon
Possible Set up: Ramon Ramirez
Possible Set up: Manny Delcarmen
Possible Set up: Hideki Okajima
Possible Set up: Javier Lopez
Another Option: David Aardsma
Another Option: Wes Littleton

There are some minor leaguers and other pitchers that have a chance to be in the Sox pen, but it's hard to tell right now. I'm pretty sure the ones I listed will be in the pen, or atleast the top 5. Everyone I listed as possible set up man has a legit chance of being our set up man. I'm thinking Ramon Ramirez has a great chance of being our set up guy, but it's hard to tell right now. The Bull Pen does look pretty solid at this point.

09 Prediction

I think the Sox have a great chance of doing that they did last year, making it to the ALCS and having a chance to play in the World Series. Our young players developed a lot last year and should be better next year. I think our starting line up has a great chance to score a lot of runs and our 1, 2, 3 with Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lester should win us a lot of games. It'll be interesting to see how the 4th and 5th spot play in the Sox rotation, because that will be important if the Sox can string together long winning streaks in the regular season and make a playoff berth. We also gotta wait and see where Mark Teixeira goes, because if he picks Boston, will be looking very strong. Overall I think the Sox are in for a good 09 season.

Go Sox!!!!
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