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Posted on: December 25, 2008 6:01 am
Edited on: February 1, 2009 12:44 am

Rondo An All Star?

I've seen some great debate over this topic over the boards and figured I'd explain my view on it. Rajon Rondo has been having a nice season, but as a Celtic fan I think it's time to look at him as an All Star Point Guard. His numbers haven't been amazing but he makes the Celtics offense run and that is what a Point Guard does, right? Rondo get's other players involved and runs the Celtics offense. Rondo has done a great job of not being a shoot first Point Guard. He understands his role and doesn't try to do too much and I think that's what makes him a great Point Guard for the Celtics. In my mind if Rondo wanted too, he could scored 15-20 a night to go along with 6-7 assists and I wouldn't be writing this right now because most everyone would agree he's an all start if he's putting up better offensive numbers. I know Rondo has the offensive ability to score the ball, watching him night in and night out but he doesn't look for his own offense as much as people probably think. Rondo is 4th on the Celtics in scoring averaging 11.6 points per game. Now when you see that your not thinking all star point guard are you? Then you see he leads the Celtics in assists per game with 7.4, now are you starting to think more of an all star point guard? Probably not, 12 points and 7 assists a game isn't exactly MVP material but he's a true point guard. Rondo has the speed and ability to drive by most if not every point guard in the league, he's very quick and athletic and you do see him make moves at the basket, but not as much as he could or maybe should. As Garnett said, Rondo puts some english on the ball to put it in, he's very creative in the ways he scores the basketball. You can't really compare his game to anyones in the NBA or if you know someone that plays a lot like Rondo, please let me know because I can't think of anyone with Rondo's type of game or way of scoring. A lot of people probably don't think Rondo is an all star because he can't shoot the ball. Honestly your right. Rondo doesn't have much of a mid range game and can not shoot the 3 ball. He's only made 4, 3 pointers all season. To think what the average amount for an NBA point guard is, that's very low. Gabe Pruitt has made more 3's, non Celtic fans must being saying Gabe who? That shows the amount of 3's Rondo has made this year. He of course has only shot 14 of them, so he's not encouraged to step back and shoot the ball. All of these questions lead to my point. Is Rondo an all start? The offensive numbers say no, I can't lie. 12 points and 7 assists per game isn't going to get you into too much all start games, but I think this year Rondo has a small chance of making the team. I think many of the coaches and players of the NBA are seeing what Rondo can do on the floor, which should help him, if he makes the team. The Fans vote of course, doesn't help Rondo at all. Another number that could help Rondo out, again with the coaches and players is the turnovers per game. He only turns the ball over 2.2 times a game. That's pretty decent according to how many times he has the ball in his hands every game. That number is less then Paul Pierce who has 82 and Leon Powe who has 71. Devin Harris who most think will start at point guard for the East has 63 turnovers, which is 2 less then Rondos 65, so Rondo does handle the ball well. The bottom line is Rondo deserves to be on the all start team. Yes, his numbers aren't amazing, we all know that but when your the point guard for a team that's 27-2, the best start in the history of the NBA and on a 19 game winning streak you can't argue that your playing pretty good. Devin Harris who again seems to be the favorite to start at point guard for the East does score more points then Rondo, but Rondo is beating him in rebounds and assists. Rondo averages 5.0 rebounds a game and 7.4 assists a game. Harris averages 3.3 rebounds a game and 6.8 assists. These stats are pretty important in my book, as Rondo does it all. He's close to double figures in rebounds on many different nights and is all over the court. I also think Rondo plays much better defense then Harris. Rondo has 69 steals on the season, which is 2.4 a game.  Devin Harris only has 37 steals, which is 1.5 a game. You can make your case for having Rondo in or out of the all star game, but I think he deserves to be in.

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