Posted on: December 24, 2008 4:13 am
Edited on: February 1, 2009 12:50 am

Celtics vs 76ers Review

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post a preview for this game but I was busy with other things. Anyways, what a game for the Celtics. That's now 19 in a row after the 110-91 beating of the 76ers. The Celtics are now 27-2, the best start in the long history of the NBA. What an amazing start to the season. Can the Celtics be stopped? As of right now it doesn't look like it, but I'm guessing the Lakers will have a great chance of ending the Celtics glory run on Christmas Day. Will have to wait and see. Anyways, let's break down tonight's game.

Well, I gotta start off by saying what a game for the Celtics. It was just another win for the Celtics, there NBA leading 27th win of the season. Now after they 27-2 starting the question needs to be brought up, can they win 72+ games this year. Many thought after the Bulls did it in 96 it would never be done again in this time period of sports, but the Celtics are that dominant. Now remember the Celtics only lost 16 games last year, can they lose 7 less games and break the Bulls 96 record mark? I'm not sure if they will be able to continue this high pace all year, but I think the Celtics can do it if they stay focused. Doc Rivers takes pride in defense and knows defense wins championships, just like last season, so he will keep his group of guys playing great defense night in and night out. We all know Garnett, Allen and Pierce can score the ball, it's a no brainer and that's why Doc knew if we can play defense will win a championship. That's same logic will be the difference if the Celtics break the Bulls regular season record. The Celtics will be able to out score people and win games, they could probably play bad defense and still only lose 12-15 games this year, that's just how good there offense is. I know the Celtics can win 73+ plus games this year, but the defense will need to be top notch to do so.

Anyways, I got off topic which was tonights game. It was an entertaining game to watch as the Sixers played tough early and the Celtics only lead by 4 after the 1 Qtr. The Celtics jumped onto the Sixers in the 2nd though, out scoring them by 10 and taking a 14 points, 58-44 lead in the locker room. The 3rd Qtr was the only Qtr that Philly won and they cut the lead down to 12 going into the 4th. The Celtics played well in the 4th and closed down the Sixers chances of winning and went on to win 110-91. The Celtics shot the ball pretty well, at 45% from the floor. They also shot well from the FT line, making 29 of 34 free throws. They also shot well from deep once again, at 50%, making 7 of 14, 3 pointers. It was a good night shooting night for the Celtics. The Sixers also shot the ball fairly well, going 37-77 from the floor. The FT line did hurt them though, shooting 62%. They also shot terrible from deep, missing all 11, 3 pointers attempted. Garnett and Rondo lead the team in scoring, dropping in 18 points a piece. Allen had a decent night scoring 16 points along with 6 boards. Pierce scored 10 points and Perkins round out the Celtics starting 5 with 8 points. Powe and House came off the Celtics bench to score in double figures. Powe scored 15 and House scored 13. The Sixers were lead by Williams and Speights who came off the bench to score 16 points a piece.

Players of the Game
Rajon Rondo is in my mind the player of the game for the Celtics tonight. He's been playing great as of late and had another great tonight, scoring 18 points to go along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Rondo's 18 points was tied with Garnett as the scoring leader for the Celtics tonight. A very nice performance for Rondo in the Celtics 110-91 win over the 76ers.

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